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5 Snacking Pitfalls

You might think you're hungry, but you could actually be thirsty!

  • Our bodies first signal thirst is actually the same as hunger; a rumbling tummy. If you are not consistently drinking water throughout the day, you may be snacking when your body is actually asking for water.

You just ate but you're still hungry...

  • Sugar and refined carbohydrates are quickly absorbed and often leave us feeling hungrier than before we ate. To choose a snack that sticks, do not choose anything sweet, sugary or refined. Steer clear of candy, baked goods and pretzels.

Your snack doesn't have enough...

  • Protein! Protein is what helps us feel satiated. If your snack does not contain protein, you probably won't feel very full afterward. Look for: jerky, nuts and hard boiled eggs.

Your snack doesn't contain any nutrients...

  • Snacking is a great opportunity to add nutrients to your day! Do so by adding a whole plant food to your snack, such as an apple, carrot sticks or hummus.

You aren't getting enough fiber...

  • Fiber is the nutrient that keeps us feeling full for a long time. If your snacks are lacking in fiber, your food will digest quickly and you'll feel hungry again in no time. Up your fiber by snacking on edamame, plums and trail mix.